Value of ARDC Services

The Augusta Regional Dental Clinic is a nonprofit dental safety net clinic and the services we provide are the same as you would receive at any other dental office. We provide quality, compassionate dental care to the hundreds of patients who walk through our doors every week. Below you will find a list of dental procedures and an estimated fee for service in comparison with local private dental offices.


Standard Care Procedures

If you are an eligible patient of the dental clinic, you will be charged the co-pay of $45/$60/$75 per appointment for standard care procedures, unless otherwise stated. If you are an adult with Medicaid, you are eligible for limited dental services (including examinations, x-rays, and extractions) covered by the State of Virginia Dental Medicaid Program. The estimated fees provided in this section are for INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY.   

Comprehensive oral exam: A thorough evaluation performed on a new or established patient to determine the patient’s dental and medical history.

  • Estimated fee: $49

Periodic oral exam: An evaluation performed on a patient of record to determine any changes in the patient’s dental and medical health status.

  • Estimated fee: $32

Limited oral exam: An evaluation limited to a specific oral health problem or complaint. Typically, patients receiving this type of evaluation present with a specific problem and/or dental emergencies, trauma, acute infections, etc.

  • Estimated fee: $42

Complete series of radiographic images: A radiographic survey of the whole mouth, usually consisting of 14-22 x-rays.

  • Estimated fee: $91

Periapical x-ray: A dental x-ray used to detect changes in the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth.

  • Estimated fee: $16-$18 per x-ray

Bitewing x-ray: A dental x-ray designed to show the crowns of the upper and lower teeth simultaneously; used to detect decay; American Dental Association recommends bitewing radiographs are taken at least once a year.

  • Estimated fee: $16 per x-ray

Panoramic x-ray: A scanning x-ray of the upper and lower jaw; does not show the teeth in detail – patient will still need a complete series of radiographs to determine treatment

  • Estimated fee: $78 per x-ray

Consultation:Dentist examines the patient and makes recommendations as to care and treatment; usually involves advice regarding a specific problem.

  • Estimated fee: $54

Prophylaxis (cleaning): Removal of plaque, tartar and stains from the tooth structures.

  • Estimated fee: $43 (child) / $58 (adult)

Full Mouth Debridement: A procedure to remove thick buildup of tartar on the teeth; required when tooth structures are so deeply covered with plaque and tartar; patient must follow up with periodontal scaling and root planing or fine scale.

  • Estimated fee: $122 

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing: The removal of plaque and tartar from the crown and root surface; indicated for patients with periodontal disease or bone loss; may require local anesthesia.

  • Estimated fee: $171 per quadrant (4 quadrants total)

Periodontal Maintenance: After periodontal scaling and root planing, the patient will be placed on a 3-4 month cleaning schedule.

  • Estimated fee: $96

Topical application of fluoride varnish: Prescription strength fluoride product designed solely for use in the dental office; “painted” on teeth after cleaning.

  • Estimated fee: $20.79 (additional fee for adults)

Sealant: “Sealing” the grooves with a plastic coating to help prevent decay from starting; no anesthetic is needed.

  • Estimated fee: $36 per tooth

Amalgam filling: A "filling" is a form of dental restoration used to repair a decayed, chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth; most amalgam fillings are placed on back teeth; prices vary based on tooth, complexity and the amount of tooth surfaces being restored; local anesthetic will be used to “numb” the area being treated.

  • Estimated fee: $83-$152 per tooth

Composite filling: A tooth-colored material used to restore decayed teeth. At ARDC, composite restorations are only placed on front teeth. If an adult patient requests to have a composite restoration on a back tooth, the patient will be required to pay the Medicaid Fee. Prices vary based on tooth and amount of surfaces being restored.

  • Estimated fee: $74.28-$127.70 per tooth

Pin retention:Placement of metal pins used to further secure and strengthen any type of dental restoration.  

  • Estimated fee: $42 per tooth

Extraction (Simple or Surgical): Prices vary based on tooth and complexity of extraction. 

  • Estimated fee: $69-$266 per tooth

Biopsy: A biopsy is used to diagnose causes of abnormal gingival tissue. 

  • Estimated fee: $61-$213

Alveoloplasty: A surgical procedure used to smooth and reshape a patient's jawbone in areas where teeth have been extracted; usually in preparation for a partial/denture.

  • Estimated fee: $157 per quadrant

Removal of exostosis: Exostosis is a benign bony outgrowth; surgical removal of the torus is required to accommodate a lower or upper denture.

  • Estimated fee: $450 per site 

 Extensive Procedures

All of the services listed below DO NOT fall under the $45/$60/$75 co-pay. For more extensive dental procedures, all adult patients will be required to pay the rate from the Medicaid Fee Schedule (listed below).   

Composite fillings for adults on posterior teeth: At ARDC, composite fillings are only placed on front teeth. If an adult patient requests to have a composite restoration on a back tooth surface, the patient will be required to pay the fee listed below. Prices vary based on tooth and amount of surfaces being restored.

  • Estimated fee: $74.28-$127.70 per tooth

Core buildup/Prefabricated post and core:A form of dental restoration used to repair an excessively decayed, traumatized or otherwise damaged tooth; refers to “building up” of the tooth; most patients who are treatment planned to have a crown placed will need a core buildup, unless one already exists.

  • Estimated fee: $110.27 per tooth

Crown: Also known as a “cap”; if the tooth is badly destroyed by decay and a filling will not stay in place, a dentist may recommend a crown; tooth is trimmed around the sides and a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from breaking. Prices vary depending on tooth and material used. 

  • Estimated fee: $500 per tooth

Topical application of fluoride varnish for adults: Prescription strength fluoride product designed solely for use in the dental office; “painted” on teeth after cleaning; this is considered an additional service for adults.

  • Estimated fee: $20.79

Root canal: a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp (core) of a tooth is removed and the inside areas (the pulp chamber and root canals) are filled and sealed; prices vary depending on the tooth and complexity; price estimate is for the root canal treatment only and does not include other treatment that may be necessary.

  • Estimated fee: $375-679 per tooth

3rd Molar Extraction: If this treatment is elective, adult patients will be required to pay the fee listed below for removal of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). Prices vary depending on the tooth and complexity of the extraction.

  • Estimated fee: $69-$266 per tooth

Nitrous oxide for adults: Most commonly referred to as laughing gas; used to help relax the patient so the work can be done properly.

  • Estimated fee: $35 per appointment

Occlusal Guard: A removable appliance intended to relieve TMJ pain and grinding the teeth (bruxism); usually worn at night.

  • Estimated fee: $200