Medicaid for Pregnant Woment

When you are enrolled in Medicaid for pregnancy, you get comprehensive health care benefits (INCLUDING DENTAL) during your pregnancy and for two months following the birth. Medicaid may provide up to three months retroactive coverage. Dental services are administered through the Smiles for Children program. For more information, please call Smiles for Children at 1-888-912-3456.

Following the birth of your child, he/she is automatically eligible for health insurance for the first year of life. Please let us know as soon as your child is born so that we can determine whether the baby will be covered under FAMIS or FAMIS Plus. The only information we will need is the child’s name, date of birth, race, and gender to enroll the infant immediately. You can enroll your newborn by calling Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282, or reporting the birth to your Eligibility Worker at your local Department of Social Services.

If you are enrolled, please call 540-221-6635 or stop by the Dental Clinic for more information and to schedule an appointment.